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Return to a naturally
Clear Mind

Do you desire a life of inner stillness and meaningful connection?

Modern society
is rushed and chaotic...
It's time to
return to a life of
inner stillness
and meaningful connection.

Let me guess...

You feel chaotic, unfocused, unmotivated, lacking 

direction, and lacking purpose and passion...

It's no wonder; Our modern world has taught us to be disconnected from our minds, bodies, emotions, communities, planet, and Life as a whole.​..

The amazing thing is:

you can change that.

It begins with your own personal empowerment.

If you're here... it's no accident.

You're ready to help the world evolve.

At Clarity Mind & Body, we offer to teach you the

age-old tools that allow you to embody stillness and resilience.

It's time to take back your focus and direction.

It's time to purposefully create a life that feels deeply nourishing to you.

It's time to meaningfully reconnect with Life

and regain Clarity.

Together, let’s live lives of transformation and healing so we can heal our communities and our world.


"The real work is your
inner connection."

-Ram Dass

Hello, friend.
It's an honor to walk alongside you on this 
journey of Life.

My name is Max Komes, and my message for you is this: 

You have the innate ability to sculpt your mind and body for peace and clarity.


Your mind is naturally still and clear. 

Your body is designed to be resilient, free of excess tension.

Your energy is designed to radiate peace and joy.

I am a Master’s degree student for mental health counseling, and I always aim to create an environment where you can feel safe to heal, transform, and grow into the person you desire to Be. 

I am here for you in compassionate service.