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The Philosophy

When we stand amidst a forest of trees... 

we feel calm and clear

This is how we're designed to feel in our everyday lives...

and we can get back there.

Clarity Mind & Body was founded on the age-old idea

that the true nature of the the human being is Clarity.

This has been called different names throughout history -

Rigpa, Buddha Nature, Source, Spirit, Dao, etc...

This is the essence of Nature itself. 

This is our True Nature.

Our modern malaise

is that we have become disconnected from this Clarity

and have become anxious, unfocused, and confused...

We've become disconnected on all levels - 

from our minds, our bodies, our families,

our communities, and our ecosystems as a whole.

We can reunite with our mental and physical Clarity 

through a multiplicity of practices such as

mindfulness and yoga, combined with

professional coaching techniques such as

Acceptance and Commitment Coaching.

This will again allow us to become

calm, focused, and connected.

It's time to re-unite with Life

and get back to our Clarity, Mind & Body.

Cultural revolution begins with personal evolution.

We offer transformational mindfulness-based coaching

that gives you the tools for self-mastery.

Are you ready to take the first step towards a life of Clarity?

Is Mental Health Coaching Right For You?

Empathic & Highly Sensitive

You have the gift of being an empath - a highly sensitive person. The world seems overwhelming. We aim to help you own your empathic ability as a superpower, built confidence and resilience, and thrive.

Emotionally Disregulated

Lacking Focus

We aim to serve those looking to enhance their ability to focus and concentrate,  manage stress, develop awareness of your emotions so you can stay grounded and centered.

Purpose, direction, and connection

We encourage you to develop discipline, push past your comfort zone, and take action. We aim to help you set goals and develop the structure to take action towards the life of your dreams.

It is said that "those who have a 'why' to live for can bare almost any 'how.'" We're here to help guide you towards your passions so you can allow yourself to live a life that makes you feel truly alive.

"I see the hand of divine intelligence all around me, in the flower, the tree, the brook, the meadow. I know that the intelligence that created all these things ‘is in me’, and around me, and that I can call upon it for my slightest need."
-Dr. Wayne Dyer


About Max

Max Komes is a Master’s of Psychology in Mental Health Counseling student. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Interdepartmental Studies: Health Sciences from the University of Iowa.

He spent his early twenties compassionately serving in the medical field as a nursing assistant and interning with University of Iowa’s college of medicine. Through these experiences, Max began to understand that true Healing is within, and it begins with the empowerment of the individual. This realization led him to his pursuit of a Master’s degree in psychology.


Max combines his knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and integrative psychology with his experiences in the worlds of martial arts and yoga. He has a passion for understanding the mind-body connection, and how thought and mindset create physiologic reactions.


He channels his passions and Master’s program studies into his mindfulness and mental health coaching service, Clarity Mind & Body, where he combines methods such as logotherapy, CBT, ACT, and mindfulness to aid individuals in finding more focus, discipline, structure, purpose, and of course, Clarity.

He is co-founder of Mindful Pensacola, a collective of helping professionals that incorporates mindfulness and other holistic healing modalities as healing tools.

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