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Be brave; welcome new opportunity.

"If you're brave enough to say goodbye, Life will reward you with a new hello." -Paulo Cuelho


Change and contrast are the main drivers of Life…

Waves and crests

Mountains and valleys

Stems and roots

Stars and space

Life and death

Existence and non-existence

It’s as if Nature were beckoning to us - begging for us to look at Life more profoundly to realize her ageless Wisdom.

The leaves which come to dance and flutter so spectacularly in the spring eventually lose their vigor and fall to the ground in the autumn.

Those dry leaves decompose, adding nutrient to the soil and again allow for bright new growth to spring forth.


The universe is a wellspring of reminders of the necessity of renewal, and incessantly guides us back to the realization of Unity and Equality.

Equally, each of our individual emotions and situations are simply teachers which guide us back to that same realization of Love.

Our grief and sorrow is no better or worse than our joy.

Our frustration and anger is no better or worse than our patience and happiness.

We must know one to know the other.

Pain, therefore, is only caused when we cling too tightly or resist said universal law of renewal.

Wisdom and contentment come from this deep understanding; that we can trust the universe, allow ourselves to feel every sensation fully and deeply, and know with confidence that it will pass and inevitably allow for more bounty.


So, let’s do as the trees do…

Let’s allow ourselves to grow strong and rooted, and all the while flexible enough to sway with the winds of the inevitable storms.

This is an Era of Clarity

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