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Be the Embodiment of Love

"Where there is love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time." -Abdu'l Baha'


When Love is said here, we’re not exclusively speaking of romantic love. We are speaking of actions that unite and bring us closer to one another.

It is said as you sow, shall you reap.

I’ve been realizing that the more i ask the question ‘how can I serve others,’ rather than following my egoic self-serving tendencies, the more the Universe gives back to me equally.

The Universe seems to reward service, love, and overall, these actions that unite.

And then, what about loving ourselves? Can we truly give Love if we don’t first harbor love within ourselves?

It is impossible to give what we don’t yet have.

So, what is the Greatest Source of said Love? We can find it in Silence - in meditation.

There are wellsprings of Love right inside you that can be accessed at any time.

No outside material thing will give you Love, but as soon as you embody it and share it, everything you could ever need seems to be effortlessly laid before you.

Fill yourself with Love. Share this Love. It comes back to you.


This is an Era of Clarity

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