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Know Thyself

"Know Thyself." -Socrates


Who are you when you are alone, in quiet?

Away from the chaos of the encumbered crowd; away from the criticisms of an insane system?


Who are you away from the beliefs that make you feel separate and small?

Do you have the courage to sit with yourself in ‘aloneness’ to realize ‘all-oneness?’


And then…

Do you have the courage to pursue the life truly meant for you?

From which fountain of interest do you pull your joy?

You know in your heart what these things are.


Follow your Bliss, as Joseph Campbell has said;

pursue the things that make you light up and glow as a person - the things that truly excite you.

Do these things consistently, steadily and deliberately.

Pursue these things until every ounce of your being radiates joy, and you can’t help but to share that joy with the world.

Within you is a flame that must be tended to.

You are destined to be a spectacular blaze.

I wish you the courage to follow your own flaming sacred heart.


This is an Era of Clarity.

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