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May you embody the patience of Nature

"Adopt the pace of Nature; her secret is patience." -Ralph Waldo Emerson


It’s a very human tendency to force change - to rush things through to their perceived final stage of completion.

This seems to be a mechanism of fear; the ego likes to think that it can cling and manipulate in order to control a largely uncontrollable universe.

But in Reality, everything has a natural course of progression;

For example:

We have understanding that a seed will grow into a tree with time.

We don’t tell the tree, ‘grow faster! Hurry!’

This does not aid growth.

The more we manipulate and try to control, the more we place strain on ourselves and in the world at large.


The more we view Life through the lens of wholeness, it seems that all is a continuous dance - an attraction and drifting of space and matter, eventually leading back to said equilibrium or Wholeness.

Each of these attractions are integral to the destiny of the Universe. This is true of even our ‘darkest’ digressions.

Staying with our ‘tree’ metaphor:

A tree is always growing towards the sunlight. If it finds itself in a shaded spot, it will again reach in the direction of light with ease and grace.

It is the same with humans:

We get deeply involved with Life and make myriad mistakes which knock us off balance.

We learn and integrate the experiences.

We grow more Stable from our newfound equilibrium.

All experience eventually leads back to equilibrium or Wholeness.

Rushing our natural digressions and progressions will only lead to frustration and tension within the mind and body.

We learn all lessons in time, with patience.

May you embody the patience of Nature.

This is an Era of Clarity

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