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Move your body - Feel every muscle fiber

"Live life dynamically…

Move. More."

-Ido Portal


All things in the universe are in constant flux.

Human beings should be no different.

To live in accordance to Nature means to also embrace said ebbs and flows.


In modern western culture, we’ve become far too accustomed to comfort, ease, and monotonous routine.

We sit at home in our recliners.

We sit and travel by way of car.

We sit at desks at our jobs.

Our phones and computers do all our thinking for us.

Yet, for the majority of human history as homo erectus and homo sapien, we were hunter-gatherers. (Evidence suggests that our distant relatives hunted and gathered as far back as 2 million years ago. This lifestyle is a huge part of us.)

We walked for miles upon miles per day.

We tracked animals and foraged for edible plants.

We squatted because we didn’t have readily accessible furniture.

Have we become far too complacent?


We must teach ourselves how to again use our bodies as digits of the hand of God.

Get into your body. Feel every muscle fiber, Every cell glowing with energy.

Continuously challenge yourself in new modes of movement.

Stretch, push, crawl, jump, dance…

Move with cognizance; move with intent.

Experience life with the vivid aliveness of your entire being.

Use that experience to inspire every aspect of your life and accomplish your most heartfelt of dreams.


And then, with ease - listen.

Allow yourself to rest as your body tells you. There is a time for movement.

There is a time for rest.

The mind and body heal and integrate during these times of rest.

Refrain from stagnation -

Stagnation leads to decay.

All in all, let us allow ourselves to move with curiosity and cognizance through our limited time on this earthly playground.

This is an Era of Clarity.



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