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"...the way of life can be free and beautiful!.."

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

"... the way of life can be free and beautiful!..."

-Charlie Chaplin

There seems to be a sickness that pervades the western world, which can be called anxiety or fear, which ultimately stunts growth.

Buddhists would say that we are born into suffering

This stereotypical western mindset doesn’t seem honor equanimity nor overall health, nor wellbeing

You could call it an overactive amygdala - a mindset based in scarcity and defense

Homo Sapiens came up from the savannas of Africa where we lived in hunter-gatherer pods, continuously living in survival mode.

We seem to be incessantly anxious due to the fact that we have a tendency to never feel completely secure.

Due to this insecurity, there also exists the tendency to need to control and manipulate.

In the modern day, we also live under systems which exploit this biological predisposition.

Consumer mindset and advertisement makes us think that we always need more, whether it be new clothes, the latest phone, social status, or more television and screen time.

Most of us don’t live under the harsh conditions of a hunter-gatherer group anymore.

Yet, most of us still run around constantly trying to stock up on everything we can.

Again, external things will not lead to an increased level of happiness.

In the world of philosophy, we call this concept the hedonic treadmill.

Statistics show that once we have our basic needs met, happiness levels even out.

All feelings of happiness come from our own mental and physical states, which cause cascades of feel-good hormones and neurological triggers.

Let me tell you…

You’re safe to just Be in this moment.

There’s always enough.

There’s always a way to make it through.

When God closes a door, he opens a window.

The great majority of people are here to help one another.

And this leads us to the importance of the feeling of gratitude in everyday life.

There are multitudes of studies showing the neuroscience of emotions like gratitude and their link to overall health and wellbeing.

Do you have a roof over your head? Be grateful.

Do you have food on the table? Be grateful.

Do you have loved ones in your life? Be grateful.

Look at all of the opportunities that surround you!

See the beauty that surrounds you.

We truly live in a world of plenty and beauty, if we choose to see it as such.

Charlie Chaplin directed and acted in a movie called The Great Dictator, and at the end, he makes this wonderful and empowering speech to humanity.

In it, he says: ”this world has room for everyone, and the good Earth is rich and can provide for everyone! The way of life can be free and beautiful!”

Please, watch this speech. It continues to be one of the most inspiring clips I’ve ever seen in my life.

Because guess what:

Just as much as humans tend to be “wired” for fear and consumption, we are equally wired for altruism and empathy. We wouldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for cooperation.

And we can continue to focus and build upon that altruism and empathy.

It starts with each individual person, though.

Each of us can make a conscious effort and get our minds right and our intentions right.

And then, when we truly know our own core moral virtues, values, and principles, decisions follow easily.

You know what you stand for, and nothing can disturb this. Peace of mind lives here.

Even amidst the chaos.

Again, be the change you wish to see in the world.

We can choose to see peacefulness and compassion. We can view ourselves as peaceful warriors.

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