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You are not your emotions

"Feelings come and go, and eventually you realize that you are not your feelings, but the Real You is merely witnessing them." -Dr. David Hawkins


You are not your thoughts.

You are not your emotions.

You are the Observer.

The metaphor of the Real You as the beautiful blue sky that remains behind the passing clouds fits wonderfully here…

Thoughts and emotions are forever fleeting.

They are only part of you, not ALL of you.


Notice your emotions as they arise.

Take neutral, nonjudgmental, interest in them.

Do not avoid them, or distract yourself from them. Feel said emotions fully and deeply.

Say to yourself…

‘Oh, anger… that’s interesting. I’m feeling angry, and that’s okay.’

The more you allow yourself to feel it, accept it, and relax into it without judging it, the more you will understand where it came from and how it arose.


Our overall aim should be to get out the habit of compulsivity, and become the master of our own reactions - the masters of our own minds and bodies.

You always choose what you internalize, and how you respond to any given situation.

The more you hold onto anger instead of identifying it and releasing it, the more of an angry person you become.

Seek to cultivate emotions within yourself that promote growth and flourishing for yourself and all beings. These are states of being such as Love, joy, peace and awe.


Cease to identify with the ego, as Alan Watts says.

Aim to identify with the Observing Awareness at the source of all things.

I am You. You are I. We are Nature.

Blessings 🙏

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