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Your language contains unfathomable power.

"Our language is the reflection of ourselves. A language is an exact reflection of the character and growth of its speakers. -Cesar Chavez


The spoken word is the light-studded highway that links the infinite realm of creativity to this more dense world of physical form that sits before us.

In other words, that which we speak, spreads and has potential to manifest in myriad ways.

Therefore, the skill of articulation contains unfathomable power.

Expanding one’s internal library in order to improve linguistic capabilities truly means to take the reins of one’s life.


But clearly this is not solely a matter of words themselves…..

Each syllable that we utter is packed to the brim with intention, image, and emotion.

Each human being is akin to a radio antenna:

Images and words are conjured within our minds…

These words and images are either amplified or quieted by the emotions that we feed into them…

These words and images are broadcasted outwardly through thought, speech, and body language…

And finally these are picked up by other antennas.


So, each word is a packet of information.

And again, information spreads.

So once the words leave the body, ideas have now been brought to the societal/cultural level.

This realization brings about the obvious factor of responsibility.

So, can be become more conscious of the words that we use so that we can create more peace within ourselves, and in turn, more peaceful and cognizant cultures?

Can we build our languages on the grounds of truth, connectedness, understanding, upliftedness, and collaboration?

Can we create it to be detailed and specific, but also expansive?

It all begins simply with the words that we choose on a moment-to-moment basis.


All in all,

Language is creative expression.

What is your inner calling saying? What do you wish to express outwardly through your language?

Speak that which wholly resonates with your Soul, and speak it with conviction.

This is an Era of Clarity.

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